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Kammann adopts XAAR Nitrox printheads for direct-to-object printing

XAAR Ultra High Viscosity Technology has been chosen by Koenig & Bauer Kammann (Kammann) to drive its latest innovations by enhancing quality, speed, and sustainability for customers using its K15 and K20 decorative print machine families. Utilising the new high viscosity fluids developed by global ink manufacturer Marabu, Kammann’s machines allow both new and current customers to create personalised embossed effects on glass bottles, plastic and metal containers at a build height of up to 3mm. This latest development is entirely backwards compatible, enabling existing machines to jet at greater viscosity and carry a significantly increased pigment load, delivering more colour vibrancy and capturing fine details with up to 50 per cent less ink.

XAAR Nitrox printheads and its Ultra High Viscosity & High Laydown Technologies, Marabu’s inks can be jetted at higher temperatures, improving the ease of application and speed of Kamman’s machines at jetting distances of up to 15mm. Colours no longer need pinning, delivering significant savings in the time required for printing, as well as reductions in energy and material use. After all, by using these new inks from Marabu, the speed of production can be more than doubled, making inkjet print a greater reality for a wider variety of decorative applications.

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