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Sihl Direct launches Permovable outdoor graphic film

Sihl Direct UK launches Permovable outdoor graphic film, which is unique to create exciting and cost-effective opportunities for outdoor graphic specialists. This newly introduced Sihl film is a 2 mil, non-PVC, pressure sensitive film developed for direct use on previously unavailable locations, walls, pavements, roads, parking lots and other unsealed outdoor surfaces for short term event promotion. It is an easy to apply self-adhesive, digitally printable media for use outdoors on rough, porous surfaces and offers a host of benefits in comparison to previously available graphic films.

Additionally, Permovable is “vinyl-free”, posing no risk to the environment that can arise from metals When the graphic is no longer needed, it is easily removed, along with the adhesive, with a power-washer, fracturing into sand-like particles that need no special disposal methods. For Sihl Direct, Permovable is an ideal fit with the company’s extensive portfolio of digital printing films and substrates.

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