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Mimaki introduces high-performance UJF-7151 Plus flatbed UV inkjet printer

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd announces its new flatbed UV inkjet printer―UJF-7151 Plus, which was shown recently for the first time to public at International Graphic Arts Show 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The market launch will commence in November 2015. The UJF-7151 plus delivers high quality printing while ensuring accurate ink droplet placement with the maximum printable size of 710 × 510 mm (28 × 20in). The UJF-7151 plus is the best digital on-demand printing solution for the screen printing industry. Accurate ink droplet placement is crucial for delivering high-quality printing. Thus, while ensuring accurate ink droplet placement, the UJF-7151 plus delivers high-quality printing.

Capable to run at the maximum speed of 3.3 sq m/hr, producing 600 × 600 dpi, the printer’s array of six staggered printheads increases the printing speed and achieves top-level productivity in the same product category. The UJF-7151 Plus also supports effective production through high-speed printing at approximately twice the speed of previous models and approximately 2.6 times that of competitive models. Furthermore, by expanding the print area to 710×510 mm (28×20 inch) and it is possible to print at the size of 636 × 469 mm (25 × 18.5 inch), which is often used for screen printing.

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