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FESPA adds self-adhesive plastics to its waste management scheme

FESPA UK Association has announced the successful implementation and widespread adoption of its Waste Management Accreditation Scheme. Launched around one year’s ago, the scheme has empowered businesses to effectively manage their waste, increase recycling rates, eliminate landfill, and realise significant cost savings. In response to the pressing need for sustainable waste management practices, FESPA UK developed their Waste Management Accreditation Scheme to provide businesses with comprehensive guidance and support.

By partnering with industry experts and leveraging innovative strategies, the scheme offers businesses a structured framework to review and optimise their waste systems. Through a rigorous evaluation process, businesses gain valuable insights into their waste generation patterns and receive personalised recommendations for improvement. Since its inception, the Waste Management Accreditation Scheme has gained widespread acclaim, with multiple businesses reaping the benefits of enhanced sustainability and cost efficiency. The Accreditation currently includes graphics materials such as ACM, rigid boards, PVC banner and polyester fabrics, but the material that has historically been the most challenging to dispose.

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