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Cover Styl’ announces global logo change

Cover Styl’, a provider of architectural films, has recently announced its global logo change. The company, which has its head office based in Luxembourg, created a new logo, and Cover Styl’ South Africa added its local elements, which was approved by the parent company.  According to the company, every two years the Cover Styl’ brand has a complete new refresh, changing their whole corporate identity, as well as adding a new catalogue. This year’s catalogue has 489 colours across seven different categories, with around 80 new colours in the range.

What makes the company’s product so special is that it is a thermoformable polymeric film, and it fits in the middle of the vinyl spectrum, between 250-350 microns thick. There are more plasticisers in it than a normal polymeric, it is very soft when applied with a heat gun, like jelly, allowing it to be formed around edges, and it also has an aggressive adhesive. The company also has adhesive promoters like a solvent-based primer for hard surfaces and a water-based one for porous surfaces.

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