Zünd Connect creates transparency and identifies areas in digital cutting workflow

There are many ways to optimize digital cutting and ensure maximum productivity, which is the reason why Zünd now offers Zünd Connect, a monitoring tool that helps the user recognize any potential and increase productivity. Zünd Connect compiles production data from integrated Zünd cutting systems into meaningful key performance indicators, such as cutter capacity, availability and overall equipment effectiveness. It creates transparency and identifies areas in the digital cutting workflow with potential for optimization.

Using Zünd Connect, the user can see at a glance when and, more importantly, why machine interruptions occur, how much time is spent in setup, and what the availability of each machine is. The most successful companies are the ones that produce the most salable products per hour. High machine availability and productivity are essential for profitable cutting and finishing. As simple as this may sound, it is no small thing in the day-to-day production environment. This is where Zünd Connect comes in. This web-based monitoring tool gives the user access to cutter-performance data at a glance, any time of day.

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