Techkon introduces latest functions of SpectroDens 4 spectrodensitometer

Techkon USA, a leader in colour measurement instruments and colour management software for commercial printers and printing material manufacturers, announes the intrduction of the latest functions of its SpectroDens4 spectrodensitometer. The 4th in the line of a series of continuously evolving all-in-one (combined densitometer and spectrophotometer) handheld colour measurement instruments from Techkon, SpectroDens 4’s newest features include OBA-Check and visual opacity measurement functions. These functions join a list of capabilities that also include: measuring solid ink density, CIE LAB density, printing curves, and dot areas; checking G7 conformance; and performing ink checks, or best colour matches.

SpectroDens 4 is the first color measurement instrument to offer a unique visual opacity of printed white ink measurement function. Additional features of the SpectroDens 4 include: a high-definition spectral sensor that samples colour in approximately 3 nm increments (from 400-700 nm). Its InkCheck feature that instantly shows delta E and provides a printer operator the specific density adjustments needed to achieve the best possible colour match and GrayGuide feature that displays G7 pass/fail indication and the specific CMYK density adjustments needed.

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