No technical assistance for CalderaRIP Version 12 from December 31

Caldera announces that from December 31, 2021, technical assistance for CalderaRIP Version 12 will not be available, which includes hotline and remote control of the RIP station. The company will focus its support and resources on more recent versions of the software to keep delivering high-quality technical assistance and customer service experiences. Users will still be able to continue using Version 12 with their current set-up and print environment. However, if they need drivers for new printing or cutting devices, these can only be supplied for Version 14, which will require users to upgrade.

Caldera strongly encourages all its customers to upgrade to the latest version to benefit from its latest developments and get the most out of their solutions. As of December 31, Version 12 customers will have to purchase a new RIP License to be on the latest version (Version 14). However, in some cases, customers will be able to trade-in their current Version 12 license to receive a discount on a new Caldera package.

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