EPSON announces new SureLab D1070 Minilab photo printer

EPSON announces the launch of new SureLab D1070 Minilab Photo Printer. Designed for retail, event and e-commerce applications, the drylab printer is built for high-volume photo and graphic production and engineered for reliable, high-performance printing. The unique, modern design seamlessly integrates into workflows for maximum profitability, enabling businesses to quickly deliver outstanding quality prints, for profit, to their customers.

Capable of producing up to 460 4”x6”, 300 5”x7” and 165 8”x10” prints per hour for photo, event and retail environments, the SureLab D1070 is up to 10 percent faster than EPSON’s previous generation. Featuring the latest professional imaging technology in a sleek, compact footprint, the modern minilab combines Epson’s advanced MicroPiezo AMC printhead, AccuPhoto image processing technology, and vivid UltraChrome D6r-S ink to consistently deliver crisp, vibrant pictures on a variety of paper finishes and sizes.

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