Color-Logic expands its line of metallic gold colours

Together with the 25 gold colours previously included with the Color-Logic System, the newly launched 30 new metallic gold colours enable licenced Color-Logic printers to provide their clients with 55 unique metallic gold colours by using only one metallic silver ink, toner or substrate. To date, Color-Logic has more than doubled the number of metallic gold colours available to Color-Logic licencees.

Discussing the issues facing printers using silver or gold in their digital presses (or considering one of the new digital presses offering a fifth-colour station for metallic inks or toners), machine manufacturers are beginning to offer silver and gold inks and toners to complement traditional CMYK inks and toners. But without Color-Logic, digital printers are limited to a single gold colour, while Color-Logic licencees can offer their customers 55 different gold options. And these golds can not only be used as spot colours in designs, but in the many embellishment options offered by Color-Logic as well.

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