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SUMMA announces new and advanced cutting tool

SUMMA is expanding its arsenal of tools for the F-Series cutters by adding the innovative Bevel Cut Tool. A bevel cut is a type of cut made at an angle other than 90 degrees to the surface of the material being cut. The Summa Bevel Cut Tool features a static knife set at a precise 45-degree angle. Distinct from a V-cut tool, the Bevel Cut Tool has a stiffer, more rigid knife, enhancing stability when cutting hard or tough materials. In addition to the stiffer knife, the tool can also cut curves. All this will have results in a more precise V-cut.

The new SUMMA tool employs a burr-free blade, ensuring a smooth and polished edge on the cut material. The Bevel Cut Tool proves versatile across various materials, but its exceptional performance shines in three particular areas: Deco Felt, Rubber, and Solid Board. With their 15 different tools, SUMMA flatbed cutters are an ideal solution for a growing business. Their robust construction, accuracy and multi-functional head allow users to install up to three tools simultaneously, enabling them to perform multiple methods in a single job without interruption.

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