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McDonald’s billboards in Netherlands emit aroma

McDonald’s Netherlands put their iconic smell to the test, using nothing else in their latest campaign. Smell and touch are the most primal senses of humans and yet so underused in advertising. For decades, McDonald’s has seduced taste buds around the globe, making it one of the most beloved and recognisable brands out there. But the brand realised that there’s something just as memorable for consumers as their golden arches, products, or jingle. So, what better way to make the brands’ fans crave for McDonald’s most irresistible and best-sold product: the French Fries, than with its smell?

With the assistance of advertising agency TWBA\NEBOKO, McDonald’s Netherlands put this to the test. A series of plain yellow and red billboards were placed in Utrecht and Leiden. The prints appear to be empty at first glance, but as passers-by approach within 5 meters, they are greeted with the distinct aroma of McDonald’s French Fries, coming from inside the billboard. This is the first time that a billboard has been used to diffuse the McDonald’s scent, using the recognizable smell as its most distinctive brand asset. The billboards were strategically placed within 200 meters of McDonald’s restaurants, inviting those with triggered cravings to easily swing by and order their favorite McDonald’s products. When every brand is targeting eyeballs, McDonald’s targets noses.

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