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Second HP Scitex Turbojet installation in India

HP Scitex installations are growing exponentially. In the last three months,  Scitex has had a host of installations all over India. Here are a few of them :

Speedprint has installed the second HP Scitex Turbojet super fast solvent press, besides an XLjet Premium 8 colour 3 m press at their Mumbai facility, recently. The first installation of Turbojet was at Autographics, Bangalore.  

Turbojet is the world’s fastest solvent printer, which prints at an amazing speed of 4300 sq ft per hour at quality levels that are in the range of eco-solvent and UV inkjet machines and its highest quality output is nearer a high quality inkjet printer. It is ideally suited for high quality kiosks, signages, PoS, PoP displays on flex, vinyl and most importantly paper.

Speedprint has been awarded the Gold Scitex Visionary worldwide membership. According to Vinod Dutia, founder of Speedprint: “Retail segment in India is sure to open up to FDI in near future and requirement for high quality PoP displays will increase exponentially. Today the organised retail segment is less than 1% in India and mall culture has just begin. We expect that the next two years will see a lot of action in this segment and Turbojet is ideally suited to handle this action.”

Commenting on these installations, Pankaj Goswami, general manager, Scitex, said: “With the new XLjet Premium 8 colour 3 m press at Speedprint, the concept of the true double-sided backlit signage will become popular. Most backlit signages abroad are printed on both sides to get perfect colours during the day and during the night.”

Meanwhile, one the most well known pre-press houses in Mumbai, Comart Lithographers, who also have been awarded the Gold Visionary club membership, has added one 3 m Gojet and another 3 m XLjet Premium 8 colour press. They are also upgrading their existing XLjet to XLjet Premium.

While Autographics, who already have the Idanit Novo and the Turbojet high-speed solvent presses, have added the first Scitex flatbed Veejet plus inkjet system at their existing facility in Bangalore, besides an 8 colour XLjet Premium 3 m press. This has made them one of the largest Scitex customers in India. Autographics was awarded the exclusive Platinum Scitex Visionary club membership, which is a group of very exclusive Scitex Vision customers worldwide.

Hannu Advertising, Delhi and Diamond Signages, Bangalore recently joined the growing Scitex Vision customer’s family. Both of them installed the 8 colour XLjet Premium 3 m presses. Hannu is one of the leading fabricators in Delhi and Diamond Signages with its sister concern Crystal Display is a leading signage converter in Bangalore.

Macromedia Digital, the largest customer of Scitex Vision in India, recently opened one more branch office in Bangalore and added another Grandjet Classic to its installation base. Macromedia is also the Platinum Visionary club member.

Interscan added the XLjet 8 colour 3 m press in its existing facility in Delhi. It already has the Gojet 3m and second Grandjet S+ 3 m presses from Scitex. Interscan is also a Gold Visionary club member.

Smart Signages Pvt Ltd, Kolkata is set to install a Grandjet Classic. This will be the third Grandjet Classic in Kolkata after Sigma Scan and Speed Print. Adtech recently installed a Grandjet Classic in Jaipur. With this, the number of Scitex Grandjet Classic installations in Jaipur city goes up to two. Nag Scanners, Chennai recently diversified in super wide format printing business by adding the Scitex Grandjet Classic. Nag Scanner is one the leading pre-press houses in Chennai.

Ajay Aggarwal, sales director, Insight Communications, said: “The recent installations are the result of a host of initiatives taken by us in the last 18 months. Just about 18 months ago, there were only 23 Scitex machines all over the country and now we are almost touching 60 units. Insight has invested heavily in creating a very strong service and support network for our customers. We have eight highly qualified hardware engineers posted across all the six major metro cities. Each one of them has gone through proper training to install, service and maintain these machines from Scitex training centres worldwide. We also have five application specialists helping the customers with colour management and application support. We have invested heavily in spare parts and local logistics for ink supplies to all our customers. We want to provide top quality service to all our clients.”

Speaking over the growing installation base of their machines, Pankaj added: “The series of initiatives taken by us in the last three months are showing positive results. The recent upgraded offerings from Scitex have been very well received by its users. Recently, XLjet plus was upgraded in terms of quality and speed to XLjet Premium. Corjet was enhanced in its capabilities with more media qualifications and IR drying facility to Corjet Premium. Veejet flatbed machine was upgraded to produce better quality and also higher speed at the best quality mode to enhance productivity and renamed Veejet plus. All the three upgrades make the Scitex products the best in its category.”

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