Metamark wrap recreates classic movie car

Bullitt Green is just one of the colours to be found between the covers of Metamark’s MCX swatch. Others include matches for some of the world’s most desirable automative OEM finishes and colours chosen after deep research by Metamark’s Woking based product development team located near car maker McLaren. ‘Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.’ The words were immortalised by American actor, Steve McQueen, and have since been very widely quoted. McQueen’s film roles are also widely known as is his liking for fast cars and his talent for driving them. McQueen was also a world-class racing driver.

If the world needed any evidence of McQueen’s capabilities behind-the-wheel, it was there for the taking about one hour into the 1968 film Bullitt. One of film’s best-known car chases sees the actor at the helm of a Ford Mustang GT Fastback. Metamark was recently alerted by its Canadian distribution partner ND Graphics in Toronto that one of its customers had delivered a noteworthy wrap involving MetaCast MCX. A pristine, vintage Ford Mustang was immaculately wrapped in MCX-67 Bullitt Green, Premium Cast MCX.

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