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Latest FTR from Gandinnovations

Best for both worlds of flatbed and UV roll-to-roll printing capability on one machine, Gandinnovations has introduced a new Flat-to-Roll (FTR) to offer an exceptional dual workflow solution. Designed specifically for the latest addition to the company’s noteworthy printer line 1224 Nanojet2, FTP would significantly cut down the production time for FTR owners who need a durable hybrid printer.

FTR is a factory-installed option, which fits onto the front and back of NanoJet2 and syncs perfectly with the print stepping for reliable flatbed and UVRTR production. Initiating from the flatbed to roll-to-roll option is accomplished by adjusting the vacuum settings with a couple clicks of the user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI).

Cory Brock, marketing manager, Gandinnovations said, “We came up with a solution that would work well in conjunction with the NanoJet2, rather than just adding a fold out or detachable table. We believe that we fulfilled our customer’s expectations with the FTR.” The FTR can be added at the time of purchase to the NanoJet2 but is not a retrofitted option for any other Jeti printers.

With NanoJet2: NanoJet2 uses 20 fourth-generation Ricoh Grayscale Piezoelectric print heads that produce the highest resolution images available on any flatbed or UVRTR printer in the industry. These printheads not only produce photo realistic images but also give speed to maintain any size of production. FTR operates smoothly with the NanoJet2 because of the 4 colours (CMYK) and on-demand ‘white’ printing process.

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