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Fill up with fuel and news at a gas station

What makes a gas station different from another? Service and quality would be the prompt reply. But, in USA, there is another factor which makes the difference and it is the Gas Station TVs (GSTVs), which entertain, inform and advertise directly to customers as they fuel-up their rides. Daylight viewable LCD screens and stereo sound integrated into the pump provide a constant stream of select ABC content and targeted local programming with advertiser messages down to each individual gas station.

People are always on the  lookout for value-added  services and this decides their selection of any product/service. In USA, a new trend is seen where the riders at a gas station get updated with news and advertisements, while the tanks of their vehicles are filled up. This is achieved via Gas Station TVs (GSTVs), which is an IPTV network that reaches a captive audience with targeted content through 20″ HD television monitors integrated into gas pumps. The content is relevant and provides an avenue for advertisers. With full motion video and audio, advertisers get the benefit of branding-type spots, combined with targeting and accountability. This provides advertisers with an opportunity  to reach receptive audiences with targeted messages and influence and motivate purchasing decisions.

According to an estimate by GSTV, 85% of the customers at gas stations are 18-54 years old, of which male and female ratio is 1:1. Each spends atleast four minutes at the pump per visit and comes to the gas station six times per month. On an average, there are 1.6 occupants per vehicle. Thus, the advertisers have an ample opportunity to put their message across to the potential buyers.

To start with, GSTV has tied up with ABC National Television Sales (a division of the Walt Disney Company) for displaying contents like news, weather reports, entertainments, traffic updates and advertising programmes. It also includes the popular ‘News you can use’ segment from ‘Good Morning America.’ These are transmitted via IPTV technology infrastructure and daylight viewable LCD screens.

Moreover, the GSTV’s nationwide network is IP addressable, allowing unique messaging and ad targeting down to each station. Full-motion video and stereo sound broadcast throughout the station creates a dynamic and immersive media experience for both the consumer and the advertiser. Also, content is updated several times a day so that it is always fresh each time  a customer visits the station.

This concept has really been appreciated by customers and  gas stations with GSTVs are experiencing increased traffic and higher store sales.

GSTV is led by executive management hailing from diverse backgrounds in advertising, digital signage, marketing, media and retail. The leadership team includes: David Leider, chief executive officer; Adam Bleibtreu, president; and Steven Kuehn, chief financial officer. “We are creating the most valuable, out of home, digital network, with the greatest entertainment value for customers and significant return on investment for advertisers,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV.

To provide exclusive national sales representation for the network featuring select ABC content, the company has formed pre-eminent partnerships with Murphy Oil USA, Inc, the leader in the growing
US market of gasoline sales at  non-traditional locations with 900 stations located in Wal-Mart  parking lots; Gilbarco Veeder- Root (Gilbarco), the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leading provider of outdoor digital video display systems.

The concept of IPTV is catching up in India as well and maybe next time, we go to a gas station, we will come back filled up, both with fuel and news!
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