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Walls + Forms introduces modular sink display

Walls + Forms recently introduced a modular sink display. It enables you to change your retail environment with changing customers and their changing buying patterns. The modular sink display is packed with benefits. It is a modular frame system for kitchen and bath (and other) showrooms that is truly built for change. Today’s retailer needs to be able to deal with fickle consumers who want to buy into the latest trend, to change the old for the new. The modular wall system allows you to showcase the sinks and other items you want to promote.

The newly introduced modular sink display can also feature fixtures, lighting, and more for the kitchen and bath and present them in a way that makes you look like a trendsetter. The modular wall system offers easy to change configurations allowing you to add modules or walls in minutes, you can change your showroom or store colors by simply changing the plates, and it enables you to “future proof” your showroom by addressing changes quickly and easily. It offers easy concealment of cables and power outlets, simple front loading access to power and wiring, high load-bearing capacity, and features an easy to assemble modular frame system.

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