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TECHNOLOGY – Vin International: transforming signage industry with LEDs

Vin International, which has initiated the use of LEDs in channel letter signs, has proven their value in the signage industry by providing solutions to the companies like Reliance and Vodafone. Presently, they have the widest range of LED lighting solutions for channel letters. Here’s a success story of their glorious growth in India.

 Introducing the concept of substituting Neons with LED lights, Vin International started their operations in India three years back when LEDs were new to the Indian market. A lot of customers were looking to substitute this traditional form of lighting with LEDs as these have a lot of advantages over neons.

Initially the major roadblock for LED’s in India was the high prices. But as the prices started reducing over the last 3 years, LEDs have been gaining acceptability. Now, a large number of customers understand the low cost of ownership with low electricity consumption, reduced maintenance and longer life. Over the last one year, lot of corporates have also shown interest in LEDs. Most of the large and premium brands want to differentiate their signs amongst the clutter. They want to replace the traditional flat signs (digitally printed signs) with 3D signs as these provide differentiation with a longer life. In short, they ‘look better, innovative and last longer.’

It is interesting to know, as a case study of providing LEDs signage solutions to Reliance MART. Launching their foray into the hyper market segment, Reliance Retail Limited wanted a special sign, which stands out from the clutter. For the purpose, they chose a LED channel letter sign. Vin provided them a channel letter solution with PERMLIGHT LEDs. PERMLIGHT Limited is one of the leading makers of LED modules for the sign industry in USA, which offers five years warranty on their products. Vin offered Reliance a world-class channel letter sign for their first ‘Reliance MART’ hyper market in Ahmedabad. This is probably the largest LED sign in India measuring five meters height and 20 meters width. This LED signage, which consumes very low power, is eco-friendly and needs almost no maintenance. Now, Reliance MART is looking for to add more stores with similar LED signs.

Besides, Vin International also provided signage solutions to Vodafone, which recently went through a brand change exercise in India. Vodafone wanted their stores to have a look similar to their international ones around the world. After going through several rounds of prototyping, Vin came out with perfection on the signage for them. The biggest challenge for the company was to create the Roundel for the Vodafone logo and the animation inside the roundel. They provided this by using LED lighting with specific software and hardware to achieve a smooth light animation inside the speechmark of the roundel logo.

 Now all the Vodafone stores across India will have this animated roundel with LEDs. Vodafone is using PERMLIGHT LEDs in all their signs. LEDs have been used for the letters, the roundel and the peelback in the side with a red LED floodlight. A team of converters across India is working on this sign programme for Vodafone.

Vin offers their customers the most suitable and innovative ways with 3D signs concepts using channel letters. Since they have the expertise and technical know-how to provide customers an innovative solution in signs, they have evolved a nationwide network of distributors and converters under national sign programme executions.

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