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Tech-zone gets on scrolling signage

Rajesh Surana
Now the trend of scrolling signage has been boosted up in Indian signage market with some players find this display item worth adoptable to expand business. Chennai-based Tech-zone Global Trading Company, one of the leading flex importers in the south Indian market, is no exception in this respect. The company has recently switched over to scroller manufacturing and supplying to prominent companies across the country. “Scrolling signage is a cost-effective medium and it will be highly popular soon in malls, cafeteria, railways and airports all over India,” states Rajesh Surana, MD, Tech-zone Global Trading Company.

Using materials imported from China, Techzone assembles signage scrollers of sizes ranging from 3×5 ft to 5×5 ft. Mentioning the company’s plan to extend product portfolio, Rajesh asserts, “As long as we proceed to work as per the demands of different clients, our overall scrolling signage activity and sizes of scrollers tend to increase soon.” He further adds, “We have been into scroller signage business just over the last few months, but this new entity gives us good mileage rather beyond what we expected before.”

Tech-zone is a sole supplier to a group of agencies working for some topmost companies in the Indian retail sector. To mention a few, companies like Reliance, Food World Supermarkets Ltd, Spencer’s, etc are the most prominent clients using Tech-zone’s signage scrollers. In vision to walk along the latest technologies in scrolling signage, Rajesh expresses, “We aim to produce the foremost trend of scrolling signage in India as per the standards available in the international market.”

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