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Rockfish overhauls Ogilvy’s new facility Creativity upon a creative major

Client: Ogilvy   |   Location: Bangalore   |   Project: Environmental graphics 

Client summary

 The moment when Ogilvy, one of the world’s foremost advertising agencies, got in touch with Rockfish for an environment graphic project for their new Bangalore facility, the latter was really being excited and understandably nervous. ‘Excited’ because a creative project for a client who is a creative service provider itself. ‘Nervous’ because the Rockfish creative will be judged by a client known for their creativity.

Project profile

As a firt step, Rockfish conducted a recce of the space and noted key interaction areas of Ogilvy’s new Bangalore facility. Rockfish design strategy team emphasised the fact that the company’s environmental graphics solutions are not merely aesthetic but also solve space related issues.

Rockfish classified the Ogilvy’s space into key areas: Meeting rooms, Workspaces, Training areas and Visitor spaces. A priority list helps them to understand the use of each area and allows solving certain issues. For instance, narrow corridors will feature graphics that are non-patterned such as clouds or other abstract forms to create a sense of expanse. A training area features non-distracting subdued colours and so on. During the recce Rockfish design strategy team also measured the space and matched their data with the blueprints provided by architect.

Design solutions

On approval of the design logic, Rockfish design team subsequently began to work on concepts. The team experimented within the brand framework set down in the initial brief and developed a series of concepts. They never provided more than two different ideas at a time unlike some studios, which inundate client with design options. This allows the client to focus and think within a strict thematic system. With the approval of the high-level concepts, Rockfish team proceeded on the actual graphics for each of the areas, which they specified earlier.

Graphic treatments

The Ogilvy concepts are a montage of photographs that directly reflects the use of each space. Rockfish treated each graphic in a kitschy pop style with onomotopaeic blurbs above each one. The fun treatment reflects a creative atmosphere that permeates the Ogilvy facilities. In this case, the production was carried out by Ogilvy itself under the strict supervision of Rockfish production team. Rockfish however documented each stage of the final application and provided advice and suggestions when required by Ogilvy’s production vendor.

The environment graphic project at Ogilvy was extremely satisfying to Rockfish design team getting a lot of freedom to innovate. The project allowed them to form a close working relation with the client and has opened doors to further creative opportunities.

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