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Print it… paste it… admire it… with Ezee Mounting Solution from TechNova

Today, printed inkjet posters, POS/POP and signage displays are everywhere. Malls, movie theatres, retail outlets, airports, railway stations, corporate offices, restaurants… everywhere you see, there are signages clamoring for eyeballs. The most favoured technology being used to generate these attention-grabbing prints is inkjet…. no wonder why. Displays on inkjet media are sharper, more vibrant and can be printed in various sizes, as required. All you need to do is design your poster, take an inkjet print and mount it on a standard 3mm mounting board and your printed signage is ready!

However, as Print Service Providers (PSPs) would know, pasting prints on mounting boards is not as easy a task as it seems, and can only be handled by skilled personnel. The most common problems faced by PSPs, when it comes to pasting printed media on mounting boards are bubble formation, piping, edge-lifting, dog-eared corners and warping of the media.

These problems result in multiple reprints, wastage of media and mounting boards, excessive transportation costs and too many man-hours spent in trying to get the problems rectified. More often than not, due to strict deadlines and/or cost constraints, brand managers and CEOs are left with no option but to accept such signage. As a result, even the best quality prints can end up looking shabby and unprofessional, which can adversely affect the image of the product or the company in the eyes of the consumer.

But not any more as, TechNova has come up with a solution…its new ‘Ezee Mount’ solution, a revolutionary concept that guarantees to change the future of indoor signage!

The ‘Ezee Mount’ solution comes in the form of two new products, launched recently by TechNova: NovaJet PhotoSatin PET Film 175 and NovaJet PhotoMatte PET Film 175. These new media have a much thicker base as compared to other ordinary self-adhesive media, which allows PSPs to mount the printed poster / signage directly on the surface where they are to be displayed, with the help of any good-quality double-sided tape (such as Tesa, 3M or Lohman). Fixing the double-sided tape onto the media is as simple as sticking tape to any surface, which means that it can be done in a matter of minutes, without the need of skilled personnel!

 The advantages that make NovaJet media an ideal choice for no board mounting include thicker base for lay flat and uncurled edges; high opacity for limited show-through; and non-tear film base for easy handling during lamination and mounting. It completely eliminates the need for pasting the prints on separate mounting boards, thereby reducing fabrication costs and reduces the amount of time required to execute the job, as there is no laborious pasting involved. Signage and displays printed on these can be mounted directly on the display surface with a double-sided tape, in a matter of minutes.

Since the media is lightweight, mounting tape can easily support it and this ensures that the signage stays in its place for as long as it is meant to, without the risk of falling it off. The signage can also be easily rolled up and carried in a simple canister. This completely eliminates heavy transportation costs, as even large prints can be easily carried by hand. The non-tear thick PET base makes it easier to handle and paste the media on the display surface. The high opacity and thickness of the media also ensures that the mounting tape cannot be seen through from the front. The printed signage can now be placed flush against the display surface, without any protrusions, giving it much better aesthetics and making it more pleasing to look at.

The cost benefits of using the ‘Ezee Mount’ solution, as compared with the conventional system of print+mounting boards are significant. This revolutionary concept from TechNova drastically reduces the costs of indoor signage, on a 3×3 feet signage it saves as much as 13% per job…Over a longer period of time, and for bigger sizes these savings will be much more…for sure.

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