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Out-of-home media…on cloud nine

The out-of-home media is on a fast track to innovation, every now and then we find something that just leave us with awe. Great outdoors, flashy signage, sporty banners, etc are passé. Well! The current trend is flying objects… so, don’t be surprised if you see a Volkswagen hovering on your head…or an extra large flying sports shoe hanging atop…or giant soccer balls floating in the sky…they are in vogue. What better way to draw attention to one’s product than have them sail over the head of crowds!
 At the final of the 2007 Copa America in Venezuela, giant soccer balls with Adidas Latin America ads flew with perfection between the span separating four huge billboards. This break-through technology was designed to work with wind speeds of up to Beaufort 4 in urban environments.

Then, the first ever, flying machine powered by bionic wings was spotted at Hannover Messe, one of the largest trade shows in Europe for Festo, an international hi-tech firm. And a massive Chinese flying dragon electrified the audience at the grand opening of the Venetian Casino in Macao. The event’s central show part was organized by the Cirque du Soleil and the grand finale, featuring the dragon flight, grabbed the lime light of the evening.

For all these awe-inspiring larger-than-life objects, the credit goes to Gear Factor, a Hong Kong based advertising company, which broke through the barrier and started outdoor media action. They certainly have proven that radio-controlled flying objects are one of the hottest media concepts around. Founded in 2005 by Murti Jung, the company specializes in flying solutions for the advertising, media, event and entertainment industry. At present, Gear Factor is the only company worldwide that is offering lighter-than-air (blimp) technology to be executed in such incredible detail. The concept targets media actions in city centers, sport arenas and other populated venues, where unconventional features are required to stand out.

Thus, the company quickly got the attention of big advertisers and their ad and media agencies around the globe. Today, it is providing flying solutions and services worldwide by giving wings to the imagination of their elite clientele, which include Adidas, General Motors, Ford, Samsung, BMW, Chrysler, LG and others. According to Jung, “Our clients regard flying objects to be highly effective in breaking through the clutter of traditional advertising. Brands that have needs to communicate the design features of their products are fascinated by the potential of these, especially the car and sporting goods industry. Ultimately, it only counts what the consumer or audience makes of it. We believe our work speaks for itself and the impact becomes quite clear, when hundreds of heads are turned upwards or a stunned roar goes through the crowd.”

 These remote controlled flying objects can be maneuvered with precision. The complex shape of a product is reproduced by using original CAD data, which ensures its shape matches the original with high precision. The impression of seeing a seemingly heavyweight object float through the air with the greatest of ease is magical and uncanny. As Jung puts it, “These fascinating new media tools, can be manufactured to almost any size and shape. They are made of an ultra-light special styrofoam, that holds a helium filled container. They are absolutely safe to operate and helium is harmless to the human body.”

Jung strongly believes in the success of these innovations, and added, “The flying object’s unmatched level of detail along with innovative outdoor capacities is a powerful combination, fit to elevate many OOH advertisements to new heights. Introducing this concept to media players in many countries resulted in a massive wave of interest in it. But the concept of flying object has not been used in India yet,

but is expected to score high with local crowds.”

Not only this, flying objects can be built with functional mechanical parts or lights as well, so don’t be surprised if you see a flying cigarette pack that opens itself in mid-air… or a computer printer that can produce a print-out above the crowd… or a multiple part scorpion that assembles itself and sails smoothly above the audience…well! With such a creative outlook, Gear Factor surely has a long and high way to go.

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