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Monkey Light: Innovation that impresses

Signage world revolves around new products and technologies surfacing from different corners of the industry. Monkey Light is one such product—a revolutionary bicycle light—every onlooker will be impressed at first sight. The light embedded on the spoke of the bicycle wheels features brightest LEDs producing cutting-edge visual effects designed by experts. Full colour, ultra-bright 32 LEDs in Monkey Light provide nearly 360-degree visibility.
New standard
Monkey Light sets a new trend in bike lighting with its outstanding visibility and a rugged, practical design made for daily use in all weather conditions. The light is easy to mount on spoke of any bicycle and it provides great full-colour patterns on spinning wheels at any speed.

The digital effects in the light are instantly customisable. As per the choice of the rider, on-board buttons configure different designs that can be chosen at any point of time. This LED light signage is a revolutionary method applicable professionally even at shows, demonstrations, installations and advertising. Urban cyclists, bike commuters, evening riders are perfect users of this light. Anyone who rides at night or in the rain needs to be visible.

The spokes are generally embedded with 32 full-colour ultra-bright LEDs, much brighter than most front and rear bike lights. The graphic patterns are highly visible at dusk, night and in cloudy conditions or indoor. But it is not up to the levels when it displays in the direct sunlight. Any spoke of size 20 inches or larger with 18-40 spokes are perfect for this display. It can however be fitted on any wheel with little application of creativity.
Bizarre patterns
Unique graphics synthesizer in Monkey Light generates thousands of constantly changing patterns and colours. The effects are designed to look good at a wide range of speeds, even when they don’t fill the entire wheel. At the speed below 12 km/h, the row of LEDs on the Monkey Light is very bright and visible going around the wheel, and the lights and colours on it change and move all the time.

One important point is that this light is not designed for motorbikes. Its bizarre patterns could not be spectacular at the speed more than 30 km/hr.

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