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Mehta Cad Cam: Pioneer of laser engraving and cutting To add specialised laser cutting machines from World Cut

Shailesh Mehta with Richard,
Director, World Cut 
Every player in the Indian signage industry knows Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd as a pioneer of CO2 laser engraving and cutting technology in India. The company still boasts of being the first introducer of this technology in India around 12 years back. Since then Mehta Cad Cam has been consistently serving the industry to create awareness about laser application in various fields and has supplied hundreds of laser engraving machines to companies across the country.

Marvel technology: Laser engraving and cutting technology was emerged as a gift of god for the acrylic industries. In fact, it was the laser and CNC technology that made possible the mass production of acrylic articles. Along with the gradual development of this technology, activities of MDF and paperboard cuttings in the signage industry have been manifold. Such robust demand in cutting and engraving activities in turn instilled to increase manufacture of specialised machines for superb speed and high-quantity production.

New launch: Signifying a new milestone in its laser engraving and cutting machine portfolio, Mehta Cad Cam has announced to launch specialised laser-cutting machines in 100W, 200W and 400W. Unique products from the international company World Cut, these machines are designed on ball screw for high accuracy. Equipped with high-quality DC laser tube having very rigid construction and Mistsubishi AC Servo motor, they can cut up to 30 mm of acrylic in one pass with very smooth cutting edge.

Advance feature: Some machines from World Cut posses advanced feature called ‘Fix Beam Delivery System’ which provides equal and uniform laser power at each point of working area and produces uniform cutting quantity throughout working bed. “Before buying any laser machine one should be clear whether he has more cutting job or engraving job. If he has more cutting job, World Cut laser-cutting machines available in big size working areas like 4×8 ft, 4X6 ft, 4x 4 ft, 4×3 ft and 3×2 ft are the best options”, says Shailesh Mehta, MD, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd.

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