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Kao Collins announces 2024 trends for inkjet sector

Kao Collins has revealed the 2024 trends for the industrial inkjet printing sector. The 2024 trends highlight the opportunities for industrial equipment and ink manufacturers to help other industries meet increasingly stringent sustainability requirements and productivity goals. The rise of textile micro-factories is driving a shift in manufacturing landscapes worldwide, revolutionizing industries with their agile, sustainable, and hyper-efficient production models. These relatively small and agile production centers define textile industry innovation. The micro-factories offer flexibility and efficient operations. Their rapid response to market needs, waste reduction, and sustainability focus align with regulatory and consumer requirements.

As micro-factories reshape the textile landscape, Kao Collins is a driving force, offering advanced ink formulations and expertise to support this opportunity. Inkjet technology is fundamentally reshaping textile manufacturing within micro-factories. Kao Collins emphasizes the role of inkjet in reducing production timelines, costs, and environmental impact. Inkjet technology supports the textile industry’s effort to meet strict new or emerging environmental regulations. Water-based pigment inks serve as a cornerstone, enabling textile production aligned with stringent regulations. In collaboration with leading printer OEMs and innovative technology integrators, Kao Collins fuels the growth of inkjet technology in micro-factories. Supplying high-quality inks compatible with printing equipment ensures sustainability and productivity.

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