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Interactive floor projection systems : making things possible… virtually

The sound and light show that had created a spellbound effect on most of us is now a thing of gone days. The on-off lightings on disco floors and stage shows are also passé. So, what’s the new buzz, it’s the interactive floor projection system. And Luminvision Ltd has recently launched their latest product, the ADVIS (Advanced Interactive Systems) interactive projection system. This software and hardware package can turn ordinary computers and projectors into a virtual interactive wall or floor.

Interactive Projection System is extremely versatile; it can be used in different situations within different industries. ADVIS can project interactive visual content onto almost any wall or floor. The audience have the ability to interact with whatever is projected; it not only keeps them entertained, it’s also an ideal advertising medium.

Marketing and advertising, lighting effects, education and entertainment are just some of its uses; the system has been used successfully at exhibitions, parties, corporate events, nightclubs, shopping centres, product launches and more. It is unique as the components that make up an interactive projection system have been split down to make the system much more affordable. Luminvision ( supplies the software and hardware needed to turn an ordinary projector and PC into a complete interactive projection system. The size of the interactive space is only limited by the projector, and even then, their software has the ability to link multiple systems together to make larger projections.

The interactive system consists of a few components, which include computer system, infrared tracking kit, interactive software, projector, and first surface mirror (optional-used to reflect the projected image onto the floor). Infrared motion tracking camera kit, which can be used with any PC that meets the minimum requirements, includes infrared motion detection camera; high power infrared illuminator; 3.5mm to 10.5mm varifocal lens; 1m BNC lead; BNC-composite adapter; PCI motion capture card to fit standard PC. Where as ADVIS P4 computer system include Intel Pentium IV 3Ghz CPU; 512MB DDR memory; 80GB hard drive; DVD-ROM; ATI Radeon 256MB 3D graphics card; USB port; fully optimized for use with their software.

Once the technology is invented, there are thousands of ways to express it. At present, library of different interactive effects created by the company includes a virtual fishpond, a virtual football pitch and virtual flames. They have plans to develop and launch more than 100 different effects over the next few months. With their programmes, one has the ability to insert own logos, backgrounds and 3D models and also adjust settings such as sensitivity and speed.

This new system is much more cost effective than similar systems, as one can purchase effects separately. If one requires just one effect, it can be purchased and then other effects can be purchased or hired as and when required. The company also offers custom design effects for those who are really innovative within as little as a week’s turnaround time.

With a new interactive system all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers, fluffy clouds and visual auras with the element of surprise can be used to create an outstandingly distinguished effect. The interactive media system is the need of today’s creative set of designers and media professionals to send powerful messages by way of advertising, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity.

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