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Holdon-reduce your signage and banners costs!

Mounting larger-than-life signage has become easier with Holdon, a clip-on. Here’s more on these wonder clips.

‘Holdon’ is a clip that perform equally well on hemmed or on non hemmed fabric for mounting. This instant clip-on eyelet eliminates the need for hems and traditional eyelets. Holdon offers the users a simple, fast and effective means of creating fixing points without the need for tools or special skills – it is based on the unbeatable ‘wedge’ principle, hence ‘the heavier the load the tighter the grip’.

This innovative product has made things much easier for the sign makers. It has many advantages, which makes it an ideal choice for mounting. These holdons fit in an instant, without tools and enhance the finished banner. It has the potential to eliminate hems and traditional eyelets. Moreover, its great holding power on most substrates provides total control over positioning. It can be reused also.

Holdons are gaining fast popularity as they have better compatibility with digital printing technique. With traditional banner printing methods, many banner makers use blank banners with eyelets already installed. When a change over is made to digital printing, the printing equipment cannot accept banner fabric with eyelets. The solution is to contract out the traditional eyelet process, fit them manually (or by an auto setting machine). For such situations Holdon provide an easy solution.

Fixing an eyelet actually weakens the area where it’s installed. The performance with traditional eyelets on non-hemmed material is generally unsatisfactory. And these clips do not puncture the fabric and the gripping area is spread.

They show wonderful result on large format banners where the positioning and the number of fixing points is particularly critical. It can bear the load ranging from minimum 45 kgs to maximum 100 kgs, this holding efficiency is tested on 650/700 coated vinyl fabric.

Holdons are made from a nylon/ GRP polymer mix which gives them great strength and plastic memory. Provided the Holdon has not been put through long term repeated extreme stressing, one can use them over and over again.

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