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“Gandinnovations is setting up the concept of true flatbed”

“The signage industry has come of age. So, what does Gandinnovations think of this transformation? “The real boom in the signage industry has just started. It was just the introductory phase and the real thing will be seen now onwards. The demand for quality signages would increase and conventional sign providers would die. In US, the conventional sign providers have already started fading out,” told Hary Gandy.

Telling about the emerging trends in large format printing, Hary said, “On-premise permanent signs would increase the use of digital printing and UV flatbed printing would gain ground because it is not limited by substrate choice. UV flatbed printers can even print on acrylic, aluminium, mounting board, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets, styrene, aluminum-plastic composites, vinyl, wood, etc besides featuring faster speeds and using non-hazardous inks.”

Answering a query on the technology preference of customers, Hary replied that it depends on different areas or countries. “For example, in US and Europe, UV technology is preferred,” he added.

Established in September 2000 by James and Hary Gandy, Gandinnovations commenced operations with the development of state-of-the-art grand format digital printers. Gandinnovations started by manufacturing in Toronto, Canada and with sales and service out of San Antonio, Texas. Gandinnovations grew rapidly and now operates from offices in Mexico City, India, Belgium, Dubai with service centres spread worldwide. In the year 2003, the company launched its first model – the Jeti printer 3300 and since then, Gandinnovations have never looked back.

Last year, the company sold over 300 printers, of which 100 printers were installed in Middle East and Africa, 5 in Pakistan and 12 in Indian region (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). In India, they have installed over 20 machines and are aiming to increase their installed base with newer applications like dye sublimation/fabric printing, high quality signage applications based on automatic double-sided printing and UV based printing for vacuum forming, etc. “Our company is efficient and has made good profits. We have achieved 100% growth last year and we anticipate a growth of 75% this year. We have a larger line-up of models in the pipeline,” Hary divulged. Though Hary was first reluctant to share the manufacturing capacity of their company, but he later disclosed that they have a capacity to produce 35-40 printers per month, which they will enhance to a level of 70 printers per month.

In this backdrop, how has Gandinnovations helped their customers shape their business?

“Our greatest help is our ability to offer new machines, keeping in mind the customers’ needs. We aim to offer innovative products once a year regularly and believe in the concept of true flatbed. At Sign & Graphic Imaging Show 2007, 90% of our machines are displayed with new features. Earlier, we had a limitation up to 3 m width with 12 heads in solvent printers but now it has been enlarged to 24 heads and we have gone upto 5 m width as well. All of our printers will soon bundle with 100% more speed capability as well as increased resolution. With this vision, we have been able to give tough time to our competitors.”

Telling more about the new products launched, Hary told that they have launched two new models in flatbed – 1.5 m x 3 m and 2 m x 3m. “Besides, we are set to introduce low-cost model in size 1.2 m x 2.4 m, which will become our bestseller and we expect to sell almost 200 units in a very short time.”

Coming to the Indian market, Gandinnovations is looking at India on a larger scale wherein they are hiring more people such as engineers and sales team and they are expecting a growth of 100% in this region. Also, they are planning to come with a physical office in Mumbai soon. “We are set to launch 24 head model with a high speed of 1500 sq ft/hr. It will have real-good quality with desired image density,” he added. The 3324 solvent RTR and UV based digital machines are launched beginning of 2007.

On asking about the Gandinnovations getting its printers endorsed by corporates, Hary replied that it is just a marketing tool and they believe that at the end of the day, what matters is the quality of the product and nothing else. “But seeing the prevailing trend, we might follow it too,” he added with a chuckle.

So, what is the secret behind the success of Gandinnovations? “We have the most experienced team in the industry and have the real know-how. We have a set of 20 people coming from electronic and mechanical engineering background, engaged in continuous R&D. Though it is a collective effort but James is the real right hand in our efforts,” revealed Hary. And the innovations in Jeti printers and ever-increasing installation base are testimony to it.

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