Gandinnovations brings intelligent robotics

One of the world leaders in grand format digital printer innovations, Gandinnovations brings robotic technology to the grand-format digital print world with the creation of their high-speed automatic loading robot, affectionately called HAL (High-speed Auto Loader), designed to work in synchronization with all Jeti True flatbed digital printers to achieve maximum production efficiency.

Designed to run 24/7, round the clock, HAL will boost the production speed of any Jeti True flatbed. It can handle materials simultaneously on two Jeti flatbed printers situated back to back using new configurable technology and software that surpasses conventional automation or manual solutions. Its magic eye – an intelligent camera station – evaluates the condition of material for damages and pre-determines the position to ensure perfect loading every time. HAL is capable of handling thin, flexible or rigid, non-porous materials up to 10mm thick, of 4ft x 8ft (1.2mtr x 2.4mtr) and 5ft x 10ft (1.5mtr x 3mtr) sheet sizes with stack heights up to 0.50 inches (127cm) and operates with a fully enclosed safety cell with safety interlocks. The standard print-to-print cycle is less than 60 seconds when used in conjunction with high-speed printheads, reducing the number of print passes. It further eliminates the possibility of costly head strikes by detecting sheet corner damage up to .040 inches (1 cm), and sheets with reasonably straight edges are repeatedly and accurately placed on the print bed within .040 inches (1 cm). Once the job is completed HAL unloads the print bed and places the finished job in an allocated area.

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