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Fresh eggs from McDonald’s

McDonald’s spectacular and impressive moving billboard ‘Fresh Eggs Daily’ has won recognition for Traditional Billboard for its ambient outdoor in a function at FAB (Food & Beverage), London. The signage billboard fitted above a McDonald’s restaurant, on the corner of Clark and Addison in Chicago, displayed a large egg which cracked open at 6 am with the beginning of breakfast, and closed at 11 am, with the end of the breakfast menu. Construction team at Prop Art, Detroit had the challenge of creating the structure that would be safe, withstand Chicago winds, and cope with the movement and impact involved in two halves meeting. The 3,800 pounds egg stands at 13 feet 6 inches from the ground when fully opened and 19 feet 4 inches when fully closed. The board measures 21 feet long with 14 feet in diameter and an overall 44 feet (large enough to hold more than a million real eggs) in the circumference.

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