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Digital Information introducing SpectroPocket for measuring single colour patches on substrates

Swiss manufacturing major Digital Information is unveiling its new SpectroPocket for Android, the world’s first system for measuring single colour patches on different substrates using commercially available spectrocolorimetry and displaying the recorded colour values on any mobile Android device. The machine is going to be launched at IPEX 2014. Prior to the release of the SpectroPocket, PC hardware and operating systems such as MS Windows or Mac OS restricted flexibility and mobility when measuring colour.

SpectroPocket for Android is a compact, portable, box-shaped device with integrated software and rechargeable USB battery which connects directly to the spectral measuring device via USB. Communication between the SpectroPocket and the mobile Android device is transferred via Bluetooth technology. Spectral values are then interpreted and displayed on the Android smartphone or tablet computer using an Android App. Currently, SpectroPocket for Android supports the i1 Pro, i1Pro 2, and ColorMunki Design scanning spectrophotometers from X-Rite.

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