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Bright Green Technology transformig backlit advertising and signage

Ready for installation 

Matrix in place 
With their mission to improve the environmental performance and ROI of all backlit advertising and signage by replacing fluorescent tube displays, UK-based Bright Green Technology Ltd has pioneered the use of solid-state LED backlighting for display advertising and signage. Their new generation of solid-state backlighting technology, Sustainable Backlighting, creates advertising displays that look better, cost less and reduce the carbon footprint of every display by as much as 88 percent.

The company’s Sustainable Backlighting systems – Bright Green Edge and Bright Green Matrix – use up to one-eighth the energy of a traditional ‘tube box’ and are zero maintenance, with no need for costly annual re-tubing and tube disposal. These systems last longer – typically five years plus before needing a fast, simple and safe LED replacement (with no hazardous waste to dispose of).

Power on 

Bright Green Matrix – ideally suitable for signs, displays and light boxes in corporate and retail environments, and fit for retro-fitting into existing boxes or incorporating into new designs – offers a real alternative to fluorescent tubes by reducing energy consumption by up to eighty percent, eliminating maintenance costs and producing evenly lit graphics without the ‘zebra’ striping associated with tubes. It is supplied in standard lengths, each pre-installed with LEDs spaced at 125mm intervals.

The LEDs are housed in robust aluminum sections which protect the lighting components, help dissipate heat and provide a rigid profile which can be easily fitted into existing or new light box housings. Each length is supplied with connection cables and the LEDs are coated for external use. It allows full flexibility when designing and installing. By adjusting the spacing between the Matrix lengths and hence the density of the LED array, the light output and power requirement can be pre-determined. (

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