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Blue Rhine begins journey into Indian market

Established as Rhine Polymers in Bangalore, Dubai based Blue Rhine extensively attracted considerable number of customers all over India within a short period of time.

Scoring robust growth in the subcontinent’s emerging market, Blue Rhine signage and Building materials India Pvt Ltd was founded in April 2008 to undertake potential marketing.
Focusing on the growing potential of India’s emerging advertising and retail industry, V Manikandan initiated Blue Rhine Signage and Building Materials India Pvt Ltd, a division of Dubai-based Blue Rhine. With its strong market position and long list of clientele from different segments viz. printing, fabrication, sign makers, exhibition stall builders, Blue Rhine captured agencies of some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Plexiglas and Macrolux.

Indian connection

After a decade of success in the Middle East and North African countries, Blue Rhine arrived in India as an independent company to serve the needs of the subcontinent’s market. The company’s Indian foray began with the establishment of Rhine Polymers at Lalbagh Road, Bangalore in 2007. Headed by Anand V Joseph, the company attracted a considerable number of customers both in south and north Indian regions within a short span of one year.

With confidence from such a successful beginning, various manufacturers represented by Rhine Polymers signalled the certainty of a long-standing inning of the company to their investors. Eying the prospect of significant growth in the Indian market, Blue Rhine Signage and Building Materials India Pvt Ltd was formed in April 2008 to undertake potential marketing.

Apart from well-trained staff, the company’s strength includes its cordial relationships with manufacturers as well as its expertise in importing products all over the world. Like India, countries in the Middle East have a very few number of companies producing advertising products to meet the local requirements and specifications. Arrival of Blue Rhine in India has instilled manufacturers extending their cooperation that would make the company a remarkable force providing end solutions and supply of best print materials.

Product range


The company has successfully introduced YEARLONG, a brand of A-grade cast acrylic manufactured in Taiwan. Being one of the first imported pure A-grade acrylic, this product has been widely acclaimed by Indian customers. YEARLONG has a wide array of translucent and opaque colours, which are matched perfectly with corporate colours and identities of some big brands. Blue Rhine could also come out with custom colours in conjunction with manufacturers.

UK-based Neschen, which has been a leading print media manufacturer in Europe for more than 20 years, supports Blue Rhine activity to explore the Indian market. In cooperation with Neschen, Blue Rhine India has introduced a range of solvent vinyl and customisable wallpaper media suitable for solvent and eco-solvent printers. The company plans to introduce a wider range of wallpapers with different textures and medias suitable for HP6100 pigment printers by the end of this year.

Rhine Graphics is the brand under which Blue Rhine India sells its range of mid-segment media and colour vinyl. Under this brand, the company offers a full range of media, such as inkjet media, solvent, eco-solvent, lamination, mounting films and colour vinyl. All these products are manufactured in Taiwan and China by manufacturers meeting all specification as per the quality checks conducted by Blue Rhine’s technical team in Dubai.

PVC foam boards are another segment where Blue Rhine has been able to convert customers solely on quality. The company’s PVC foam boards are available with protective film or are packed in cardboard boxes to avoid settling of dust on its surface, which is perfectly deigned for better adhesion of self-adhesive media.

LED signage

Blue Rhine India has also maintenance-free LED signage product LP FLEX manufactured in Germany. Based on client’s specification, whether it should be created in backlit, frontlit, sidelit or combination of all, the company sends Vector Graphics to its production facility in Germany. LP FLEX is completely waterproof, dust-proof and maintenance free LED screen. Made with the most premium LEDs, life span of LP FLEX screens last more than 10 years without any significant visible change in brightness.

So far, Blue Rhine India has installed few LP FLEX screens in some parts of the country and are expecting to increase the figure in near future. Over the last few years, the company has prominent records of LP FLEX installations in the Middle East countries.

Building materials

 In addition to its products ranging from high quality colour vinyl to signage screen, Blue Rhine India has been a sole distributor of MACROLUX multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Manufactured in Switzerland and certified in numerous countries for its quality and consistency, this building material has ten-year guarantee against colour change or breakage.

Named after the company’s title, RHINE BOND is another remarkable product for projects where aluminium composite panels are used. Manufactured in China, RHINE BOND allows for any specification to be manufactured as per client’s requirement. Earlier, this facility was at bay in Indian market because of the lack of manufacturers who have standardised specifications. RHINE BOND offers option for regional dealers who can standardise one specification that will meet their customers’ needs and price bracket.

Client satisfaction

Though the warehouse facilities of Blue Rhine India are based in Bangalore, the company has been extensively expanding its services and products in every nook and corner of India. Clients from Delhi, Orissa and Kolkata have experienced the company’s significant level of services and unwavering quality of products. Remarkable asset of Blue Rhine India is in its team that makes the company capable of suggesting variety of solutions.

Blue Rhine’s business philosophy is ‘A client is better served by us to his/her satisfaction only when we understand his/her needs equally better and provide pre and post sales service.’ This professional approach of Blue Rhine is widely appreciated by both clients and manufacturers, who have been into successful cooperation with the company for many years.

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