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Beginning of the end of economic havoc!

As if the calm after a storm, the painful saga of cost cutting, lay off, holdback investment and postponement of expansion is seemed to come to an end. Though some signage players still mumbling about the wounds ever caused by the economic recession, almost a sigh of relief is to hear about some of their corporate clients determining big-way plans for business expansions. I’m referring the expansion plans hovered by the multinational companies like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and other retail majors in India. And the New Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 as a big business booster for signage players is around the corner with an estimation of generating 5000,000 jobs in aviation, hotel and travel industry.

Poking a wake-up call to all those slumbered in fear of the economic recession, McDonald’s has drawn a plan to invest Rs 400 crore to expand outlets over the next five years. Similarly, the arrival of Wal-Mart in India (maiden Amritsar store) is another instance one cannot ignore the notion that Indian retail segment has raised against the economic slowdown. This is not the end of the story; this global retail chain major has strategically to open 15 wholesale stores in three years in the regions like Punjab, Haryana, NCR, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

I’m keenly aware that these retail majors have not chanced upon an unexpected economic situation. They might sense enough that the heat of economic recession in India is now bearable and there will be no more stumbling blocks on the way pushing business forward. While these retail majors are heroic enough to fight against recession, why should signage players be waiting for a safety chance? Anyway, one may take turn on the question of the glass is half full or half empty. In this concern, everything is about tackling at an optimistic way. When the recession-hit market begins to restore its half-eaten business, we should see it positively thinking that we find some (not that we still lose half!).

During our visits across the leading signage markets all over the country, I could feel the pulse of some signage players who stand strong and positive to beat the recession. Such courage is what everybody in the industry should have. As recession is an unavoidable economic calamity that can take place more frequently or less in a developed or developing economy, we must agree to the fact that it’s our duty to face it in any phase of our business. But our strict notion in this respect is the way we should confront with this ill-fated situation.

So, it’s time to move fast forward to beat the slowdown while the market shows a sign of relief. Be prepared!

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