EPSON introduces new T-Series printheads

EPSON announces the adding of two new printheads to its product line in the second half of fiscal year 2021. The new products will strengthen the printhead lineup for applications including signage and easily allow printers to deliver high-quality print at high speed. The T3200-U3 enables simultaneous high-quality, four-colour CMYK printing at high speed from a single printhead. Incorporating a heater in the printhead makes printing with highly viscous UV ink possible, providing an optimal digital printing environment for signage and packaging.


The two-colour version, theT1600-U3 will be released to market at the same time. These new products will expand EPSON’s PrecisionCore printhead offering to a six series lineup and provide a diverse range of digital printing options. Features of the T3200 include its outstanding print quality in four-color CMYK from a single printhead with built-in heater. Ordinarily, a pair of two-colour printheads must be combined to print in four-colour. The T3200, however, can eject the four CMYK colours from a single printhead.

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