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Zünd cutter advances productivity

Zund, one of the world’s leaders in the development, manufacturing and distribution of multifunctional flatbed cutters, is proud of its semi-automated production workflow giving customers a way of boosting production. In a standard handfed production workflow, the time it takes for operator to react to the machine having finished cutting, unload cut pieces and waste, and reload the next sheet/board can amount to significant interruptions in the cutting process.

Zund’s semi-automated production workflow gives operator unencumbered access to the loading area, facilitates the removal of cut pieces, increases the quantum of time available for unloading/reloading and consequently makes the machine producing non-stop. Semi-automated production workflow is based on conveyorised material-transport system along with a loading-zone extension and optional extended off-load area where cutter extensions are available in various lengths to match common board sizes. Built-in registration guides assure perfect placement of each sheet/board, no matter whether the material is pre-printed or non-printed.

Semi-automated loading is suitable for most rigid-sheeted materials (printed or blank) and can be supplied for all new

G3-series machines. Yet another way the flexibility of Zund cutters can help customers push productivity to the next level.

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