XANTE upgrades iQueue workflow

XANTE’s newly launched iQueue workflow feature changes how white spot colours are used. Frosting allows users to effortlessly elevate their designs to new heights by creating frosted effects on a diverse range of surfaces. Frosting empowers printers to convert any spot colour into a captivating array of opacities of white. This means that no matter the project or vision, users can quickly bring it to life with the enchanting allure of a frosted aesthetic.

While Frosting is exceptionally versatile and can be used across various mediums, it truly shines on glass and acrylic surfaces. Its transformative power allows users to craft awe-inspiring effects that captivate the eye and turn ordinary surfaces into works of art. Whether users are seeking to add privacy to office glass or adorn a mirror with a breathtaking frosted design, frosting is an ideal tool.

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