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Xanita: A depot of ecofriendly innovations

In today’s fast evolving world of signage and advertising, we all want to stay afloat with technology… in an environmen-friendly way. And solution lies with Xanita, the manufacturers and global distributors of environment-friendly lightweight boards utilising post-consumer, recycled paper-waste.

Recently S&G editor, SK Khurana visited Xanita’s facility in Cape Town, South Africa and discovered more about this new age wonder boards. In conversation with Craig Fussel, director, Xanita:


 Craig Fussel
For continuously delivering the best to customers internationally, Xanita partner with the world’s leading manufacturers of lightweight board fittings, laminate suppliers and local board pressing specialists, to deliver a product that meets the highest architectural and display specifications. The company is upgrading regularly itself to match the customers’ expectation. The range of products offered by the company is a meticulous blend of best quality and durability.

X-Core, an essential component of company’s product range, is manufactured by using recycled material and was developed by innovative technology in house at Xanita. This product was initially developed to be the core of premium product X-Board and has subsequently revealed its versatility of use by opening up a number of innovative opportunities. X-Core delivers all of the strengthening benefits of other honeycomb type products but has the added value of being fully recyclable and repulpable, placing it in a category of its own.

Other important products specially designed for signage or rather with any printing surface requirements are distributed under the registered trademarks of “X-Board” (XB) and “X-Board Plus.” X-Board (XB), a new generation environment-friendly, ultra high strength-to-weight ratio rigid board, contains a VOC-free, closed-cell, recycled kraft paper core shaped similar to a beehive. The core is laminated between top and bottom layers of post-consumer, recycled print-receptive paper waste.

XB+ consists of precision-engineered, high-density recycled paper waste, manufactured into a high-strength unique core structure, with up to 90 ton/sqm crush strength. Raw or decorative laminated boards are structurally bonded to both sides of this core, creating a high-strength, ultra-lightweight, environment-friendly board, like no other. It’s used where MDF and particle board would commonly have been used in the past opening up custom-designed applications including printed podiums, room dividers, promotional tables & chairs, bookshelves, structural POP displays, movie-sets, bulkheads and much more.

Moreover, these panels can be digitally knife-cut on CNC machines fitted with oscillating knife and v-notch tool heads. Finished panels can be folded or flat-packed for efficient distribution to site. After use, they are simply disposed of in paper recycling bins for recycling agents to turn back into paper. It is commonly used as a poster board substrate

Also included in company’s list of innovative product is X-Board Kraft (XBK). This is identical in all respects to X-Board print product, except it’s laminated with a more economical recycled kraft paper liner receptive to film-lamination, fabric-wrapped or painted panel applications. The other useful applications of this include eco displays, protective packaging, pinnable office workstation screens, dart boards, bulkheads, pillar wraps, set-builds, temporary furniture and more.

Printable with most of the flatbed printers like from Agfa, Durst, Efi/Vutek, Jeti, Fujifilm/Sericol, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Oce, Techwin, the panels so produced can be mitre-cut, folded or curved, shape cut, canvas or fabric-wrapped, photo-mounted and fastened together with velcro, hot-melt adhesive or magnetic strips, generating an endless array of design possibilities. If one needs to hide the boards exposed kraft edges, X-Board can be double-mitre cut and folded back on itself, or one can easily apply a range of protective edge-banding materials such as pre-glued melamine or ABS edgebanding tape. A C-channel PVC edging applied with hand-held, hot-melt glue gun is available for purpose use in removing the board before recycling.

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