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Toshiba Tec to launch two new piezo inkjet printheads

Toshiba Tec, which is better known as TTec, has set to launch two new piezo inkjet printheads—CF6/R and CX1. CF6/R is an evolution of the existing CF3/R and it’s a brand new design, The CX1 is designed to compete against the likes of the RICOH Gen5 and Konica Minolta 1024i in the mid to high volume large-format printing market. The new CF6 printhead builds on the previous CF3, using air cooling and measuring 96.7 x 29.3 x 100.7mm. There’s also a CF6R variant, which has all the same specifications except that it uses water cooling and is slightly thicker at 31.3mm with the same width and height.

The new CF6 and CF6R are up to 1.5 times faster than their CF3 equivalents. The main difference between the CF3 and CF6 is the drop volume and frequency. The CF6/R produces a native drop size of 6pL but can fire up to three drops to produce 12pL and 18pL drop volumes at a frequency of 12kHz. The CX1 is a compact on-demand piezo printhead, measuring 97x37x110mm, with a print width of 54mm. It has 1280 nozzles, arranged in four rows, giving a resolution of 600npi for a single channel.

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