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Tech-Biomedia introduces 3 eco-friendly media

Further expanding its product line, Tech-Biomedia Pvt Ltd has recently introduced three new eco-friendly media viz. PE Fabric T-BM P132, Synthetic Paper T-BM N200 and Kapa Board. Being one of the remarkable sellers of coated media in India, the company boasts of its product range offering optimum demands of quality in domestic and industrial sectors. This new set of three eco-friendly media will be another benchmark in the company’s product portfolio.

PE Fabric T-BM P132: Known for its unmatched density and strength, PE Fabric T-BM P132 is an eco-friendly media containing polymer components, which are easy to decompose and recycle. Overlap seams can be done very nicely using hot air welders. A face seam after printing with UV curable ink can be made with butt-weld using an impulse weld to get a perfect result. Major advantage of PE Fabric T-BM P132 is its roll put-up of 500 linear feet comparing with standard 12 oz flex-face put-up of 150 to 164 linear feet. Its strength to weight ratio is higher than any other material for packing and shipping as its lightweight offers freight cost-savings.

Synthetic Paper T-BM N200: This customised synthetic paper is developed for high-end printing quality for indoor and outdoor applications. It has paper-like surface, which allows for rapid setting and drying of inks. Durable in long-term outdoor use and UV exposure, Synthetic Paper T-BM N200 is made from polypropylene resins, proprietary coatings and inorganic fillers. This synthetic paper is chlorine free and do not contain any toxic or plasticisers. And also it has superb qualities, such as tensile strength, tear resistance, dimensional stability, folding and unfolding endurances and water resistance.

Kapa board: Switzerland-based Alcan Composites appoints Tech-Biomedia Pvt Ltd to sell Kapa products in India. Kapa brands have greater firmness in moisture-resistant printer finished top layers. This board is acid free and impervious to aging and suitable for printing with all customary acrylic inks (including solvent-based products). Kapa board is suitable for fort and easy trimming, sizing, fretting and punching. And it is also suitable for template or stencil patterning and film or foil applications. Its unique features include both side usable; high level stiffness, good dimensional stability, excellent flatness; and compatibility with solvent-based adhesives and inks.

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