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swissQprint launches flexible automation option

Shown during the recent drupa 2024, swissQprint has announced the launch of a flexible automation option, which is designed to maintain high productivity in flatbed printing by relieving operators of unloading tasks. The new automation module removes processed media up to 3.2×2m from the flatbed printer’s table, streamlining the handling large runs. Loading would continue to be done by hand. SwissQprint has developed this unloading option to enhance productivity. The idea is that the machine will unload the sheets for users which many do manually.

Also, the automation module of swissQprint is an option and can be added at any time, it can also be docked when not in use. People who buy a swissQprint machine love the fact that it’s flexible. They can print tandem, front and back of the table, they can print full sheets, small sheets, etc. As the machines have become faster the more automation has become a focus for swissQprint because the faster the machine prints, the more human interaction is required for unloading and loading the sheets. Once tailored to market needs, the finished flexible automation option is expected to be available in 2025.

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