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SUMMA ties up with Caron for cradle feeder

SUMMA has announced that its laser cutter will be bundled with a Caron cradle feeder, which will help create an automatic cutting workflow that will make textile production incredibly efficient while retaining the highest level of quality. SUMMA L Series laser cutters are perfect for cutting textiles with speed and precision and are optimised for cutting stretchy fabric as found in sportswear and swimwear. Main job of the Caron cradle feeder is to facilitate and speed up the loading and changing of the media on the Summa L1810 laser cutter. The system is designed to make the process as effortless as possible for the operator.

Caron cradle lowers and tips down towards the operator, making loading and changing the media easier and less taxing. You also don’t need a media core to attach the fabric to the machine, which is advantageous as core holders are known to break occasionally. You can simply put the roll in the cradle without a core. When the media is fed through, the feeder ensures the media is evenly distributed without displacing it or creating wrinkles. In fact, the media is fed through on belts specifically designed to accommodate stretchy materials such as sportswear. Caron cradle feeder has several amazing benefits, such as easy and ergonomic loading and switching of the media.

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