STAHLS’ heat transfer vinyl now available in over 40 colours


STAHLS’ recently announced that its CAD-CUT UltraWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl  (HTV) is now in stock in over 40 colours. The versatile HTV is available in 30.48cm (12”) and 38.1cm (15”) wide rolls, with a soft feel and vibrant matt finish. UltraWeed™’s smooth cutting allows users to experience effortless weeding, and its low temperature and quick time settings provide worry-free application, even on heat sensitive garments.

Stahls’ remains the innovator and leader in pre-cut and custom athletic numbers, letters, and logos. The company is well-known and respected throughout the sportswear, custom apparel, and promotional products industries for high-quality and innovative equipment, materials, and services. From materials, such as CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl, to equipment, such as the company’s line of Hotronix heat presses, they have the products and services to fit a wide variety of business needs. Users can choose one vinyl for cotton T-shirts and another for thinner fabrics, or one in bright and metallic colours and another that’s easy to layer.

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