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Spühl’s Virtu RS 25/48 printer

Switzerland-based Spühl’s new large format UV digital printer Virtu RS 25/48 – a combination of roll, flatbed, and hybrid printer – is all in one. Equipped with a brand new plate advance system, it prints multiple user-defined plates consecutively and without delay. Plates with three panels can be laid edge-to-edge and printed. This extraordinary ability enables it to do uninterrupted, continuous printing for large print jobs. It creates 65 plates (or 55 m2) in photo quality (700 dpi, 2 pass-mode, 6 colours) per hour. Also, it is the perfect solution for any range of formats, for cost-effective short runs, and for all conceivable marketing applications, and can prints on (nearly) anything, up to a width of 2.50 m.

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