Seal brand introduces new shield Anti-Graffiti

Seal Graphics has launched Print Shield Anti-Graffiti, which safeguards prints and may become vulnerable to graffiti by making them washable and resistant to a very large number of detergents and solvents. Print Shield Anti-Graffiti consists of a high-performance, PCTFE film, which protects images printed on UV or solvent inkjet printers from a wide variety of stains and chemicals, such as paint, permanent marker and acrylics. It also allows easy removal of most other stains and chemicals that may find their way onto the graphic.

Key benefits of Print Shield Anti-Graffiti include maintaining a long-lasting professional look while being easy to clean with common, economical cleaners. The PCTFE high-performance film only measures one mil and is completely stain, flame and chemical resistant, as well as plasticizer and stabilizer free.

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