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New study reveals effectiveness of digital billboards

According to a new study conducted by Nielsen, digital billboards generate high recall for ads and positive consumer attitudes. In the study, three out of four, i.e. 75 percent of the respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month, and 60 percent noticed one in the past week, which is resulted in the new survey on those who traveled roadways with digital billboards. Among the respondents, more than half, which composed 55 percent of the travelers, noticed a digital billboard in the past month were highly engaged, recalling the message on the screen every time or most of the time they passed by a digital billboard. More than eight out of 10, i.e. 82 percent, recalled advertisements in the last month.

The study also showed brand recall is high among travelers who notice digital billboards. Nielsen tested six different campaigns in five major US markets and found that travelers recalled seeing at least one specific digital billboard ad from 74 to 89 percent of time. Top performing brand categories included entertainment, gaming, quick-service restaurants, recreation, and televised sporting events. The study also gauged consumer attitude toward digital billboards, finding the majority of respondents appreciated the advertising platform. Of them, 72 percent think digital billboards “are a cool way to advertise.”

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