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New MIMAKI CFX Series offer highest speed & pressure in its class

MIMAKI’s newly launched CFX Series high-end cutting plotters feature higher speed for improved productivity and more. Including three models with a variety of tools for cutting and creasing, the new CFX Series features higher speed for improved productivity; a multi-tool head that reduces tool changes; pressure and position controls; more accurate cutting; and a backside cutting mode that enables accurate cutting and ruled lining. These high-end flatbed cutting plotters offer the highest speed and pressure in its class, as well as up to four types of tools mounted simultaneously, greatly improving processing efficiency.

Available in different bed sizes, CFX-2513 is the smallest unit with a table size of 101.18×74.4 inch. The CFX-2531 is the midrange model with a table size of 101.18 x148.81 inch. The CFX-2550 is the largest unit with a table size of 101.18 x 223.22 inch. The CFX-2513 and CFX-2531 can be upgraded to the next larger bed size after installation. With higher speed for improved productivity, these new CFX Series can achieve a tool moving speed of up to 60 m/min and acceleration of 0.7G that reduces machining time.

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