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New Delhi : Epicentre of North Indian Signage Market

Paharganj the perfect spot par excellence

When it comes to talking about some regional hotspots of the Indian signage market, there is one particular area in New Delhi where the discussion usually leads to: Paharganj. Swelled with a bunch of printers, cutters, fabricators, media and ink sellers of all quality and quantity levels, every gali (lane) of Chuna Mandi and Multani Dhanda in Paharganj is an answer to every customer’s demand in the Indian signage market. Since the SIGN & GRAPHICS team has covered the south Indian and Punjab signage markets in the last two issues, now its bandwagon eventually heads on to navigate the who’s who of the most talked-about Paharganj vicinity in New Delhi. Deepening economic downturn obviously affects the Indian signage market. However, talking at length about the overall past, present and future prospects of their business and the industry at large, leading players in Paharganj are progressive in many verticals. Sign & Graphics asst editor JYANESWAR LAISHRAM reports.


Colour Mate Digital:
A complete solution maker
Surging to land on UV domain

Color Mate Team 
A complete digital house dealing with digital printing, display system and translites, Colour Mate Digital has been surging its status since its inception around nine years from today. Concerning the tasks that can be done at Colour Mate Digital will include almost everything that would be put up as an end-signage. The company has a long client list comprising small and medium advertising agencies operating across north India. “We do all fabrication works of numerous advertising agencies in northern states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kashmir and Haryana,” said Gaurav Kathuria, partner, Colour Mate Digital.

Vinyl leader: Activities at Colour Mate Digital are predominantly of vinyl printing, in-store displays and POPs which has been receiving good demand in the current Indian signage market. Eyeing new prospects of the country’s emerging retail sector, the company is in good terms of relation with its clients (ad agencies) working in turn largely for shopping chains like Shoppers Stops and other popular companies, such as Raymond and Park Avenue.

UV vision: UV is the next step Colour Mate Digital wants to make but Gaurav feels that the technology is still immature in the Indian Market. And some specialised designs that only UV printers can print are not popular in India. Stressing on the prospects of UV printing in India, Gaurav commented, “Everything depends on our customers’ knowledge about the technology as we are pushing to make them understand the value of UV printing.” He further mentioned, “Adoption of UV technology has two significant provisions—eco-friendliness and specialised designs that will develop a new trends in the country’s signage sector.”

New Sign Graphics: Leader of scrolling signage
To roll out imported fast-moving scrollers

Ashok Ganotra 
If it relates to the manufacturing of scrolling signage and motion display boards, New Sign Graphics is the right spot to concern with. Having been a proven perfectionist in the field of manufacturing scrolling signs over the last seven years in the north Indian signage market, the company is now looking forward to deal largely with imported scrollers. “We assemble both high-end products imported from developed countries and those which are of normal quality at local level. But our main aim is to maintain the confidence of our clients over reliability and durability of the product,” said Ashok Ganotra, proprietor, New Sign Graphics.

Early stage: Though the inception of New Sign Graphics is just a few years old, the idea to set up this company was born twenty years back when Ashok was just a young student perusing a diploma course in electronics. He later worked in a Gurgaon-based company called Ad Display wherefrom he got inspiration to open a signage company of his own. “I spent a long time to delve into the technical know-how of equipments and accessories used in scrolling signs. In fact, I knew that it could be an illogical attempt to open a manufacturing unit without full technical knowledge of what we are going to manufacture,” asserted Ashok.

Existingclients: Capturing banking sector to an extensive level, New Sign Graphics has its long list of prominent clientele that includes State Bank of India, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and NABARD being the latest entry. “My clients in the banking sector have been part and parcel of my business since the beginning. However, I have recently concerned over retail segment, which is certainly surging a lot in India,” said Ashok.

And the clientele list also includes the government tourism departments of Assam, Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh. Referring the whole lot of the company’s clients distributing across the country, Ashok said that his coverage includes even the south Indian cities like Chennai and Hyderabad.

Future product: New Sign Graphics extensively produces varied models of scrollers in different sizes that go up to 11 x 6 ft. But the company does no longer pay attention on size but the scrolling speed. “Fast-speed scroller is our next level product to be introduced in the Indian market. In the western countries, such kind of scrollers are popularly used in the moving vehicles,” said Ashok.

Rajeev Publicity Co: Bequest in continuity
Always along the path of new technology

The legacy of Rajeev Publicity Co dates back to 1977 when the printing industry was not even dreaming of producing signage digitally. Pacing along the gradual technological changes taking place decade after decade in the industry, the company switched over to vinyl cutting in 1985 and plotter in 1990. But the year 1998 was considered to be the biggest transition at Rajeev Publicity as the company first engaged to printing and fabrication of signage. As an observer of all these changes taking place in the industry, B K Sharma, proprietor, Bee Kay Signs, sister concern of Rajeev Publicity and vice-president of Delhi Acrylic Plastic Dealers Association stated, “The industry has tremendously developed after the introduction of digital printing which in turn brings a new makeover to the signage market.”

Recollecting the then early period BK Sharma said, “Once there were hardly a couple of sign makers in Chuna Mandi area; one is ours and Indian Plastic. But today one can see hundreds of printers, machine dealers, fabricators mushrooming in every corner.” Thanks to the new era of digital printing technology, Sharma mentioned that the quantum of printing jobs in the signage segment has increased manifold over the last decade.

Major clientele: Ranging from garment manufacturing companies to advertising agencies based in and out of Delhi are in the list of major clientele the company has. Monitoring to add new entries in the list, B K Sharma from Rajeev Publicity said, “For every signage company, retail sector in India is now a very productive area to capture. We will think of some strategic plans to grab this segment in future.”

New unit: Maintaining its age-old dynamism in the industry, Rajeev Publicity is planning to open a new unit to install some latest technologies. Currently equipped with high-end machines like Mutoh’s eco-solvent printers, the company keeps on upgrading its facility with the latest technologies in the industry. “Since last few years, we haven’t updated our technologies. So, we would like to break the technological standstill with the opening of new unit equipped with the latest printing technologies,” said S P Sharma. However, UV technology is not in their plan as he mentioned, “The prospect of UV technology in Delhi or all over India will take some time to grow to a full level. We don’t have any plan for this new technology because we need to observe the market maturity first.”

OVS (Only Vinyl Stores): Umbrella body of vinyl range
Educates people to opt right materials

Kiran, Tannu & Rikta Kapur 
First of its kind in India, OVS is an exclusive vinyl store showing a range of brands. With the showcase of vinyl materials, this state-of-the-art store is a significant communication point for customers who wish to get knowledge about the effective applications of vinyl and information on varied qualities at different market prices. “Our objective is to give education about the products and what the products are all about to every visitor to the store,” said Rikta Kapur, CRM (customer relationship manager).

Ultimate objective: OVS has been established with the company’s urge to give its customers the right materials at reasonable prices. That is the obvious reason for OVS bringing all brands from all parts of the globe under an umbrella unit. “We’re now planning to increase around 50 percent of current growth this year,” said Rikta. Concerning feedbacks from the customers, she mentioned, “In the area like Paharganj, no retailer has time to educate customers about the products they buy. But OVS is the place where customers can see signage gallery and technical specifications.”

Product range: OVS is indeed a confluence of all vinyl materials imported from every far and near corner of the world. Collected from the US, South Korea, Belgium, China, etc vinyl materials at OVS comprised a mix of different varieties. A new concept in the store is ‘OVS Accessories’ in which the company focuses to provide brands of monomeric, polymeric and cast films available in different prices in the market. Under this category, OVS also provides information on plastic moulding, banner stands and scrollers as well as sunboard, foamboard, sunpack sheets, etc. And sooner than later, OVS has launched lamination film under its own brand.

Other units: Apart from its stronghold in Delhi, the concept of ‘OVS Accessories’ has come up in other cities like Jaipur (Rajashtan), Guwahati (Assam) and in Paunjab where Chandigarh is in the pipeline. “The overall concept of OVS is very modern and it’s quite useful to industry people. We have a team of 15 marketing people that include mangers to promote this concept reach every nook and corner of the industry,” said Rikta. Talking about other expansion plan, she explained,” We’re launching OFS (Only Flex Stores) soon. Main focus of these stores will be on frontlit banners (imported from the US, Taiwan and China) and backlit flex. We plan to open at least 30-40 stores this financial year all over the country.” She also added that the business would be done on franchise module later on whereas initially all customers will be open by the company.

Recession woe: The current economic slowdown does not spare OVS as the company is currently running 20-25 percent slow compared to what it recorded just a few months back. However, unlike other adversely affected companies, OVS is confident about normalcy of the situation latest by May or June this year.

Dinesh Plastic Works: Everything under one roof
Opening training institute soon

Located in a strategic point of the north Indian signage market, Dinesh Plastic Works is not a mere domestic player but an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of a complete range of indoor and outdoor signage works. Established a couple decades back, the company has come across a long way of tussles and achievements to reach the position what it attains today. With the activities of inkjet and solvent printing and router cutting, Dinesh Plastic Works is also known for its impressive fabrication work and total display items. “Among our activities, we have been quite successful in display works over the last few years. And we foresee a lot of growth potential in this segment,” said Dinesh Sharma, proprietor, Dinesh Plastic Works.

Overseas clients: One of the commendable achievements of Dinesh Plastic Works is the demand of its products from other countries. Neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal are destinations where the company caters a good number of prominent clients. Commenting on the company’s charm to its international clients, Dinesh said, “We particularly captured our international clients offering the best of total display items. Our premier range of display products is our virtue that enables us to make our presence at international level.”

Training institute: Unlike what other signage companies typically doing in the industry, Dinesh Plastic Works is moving towards a new direction to open a training institute in New Delhi. With an objective to produce more trained professionals in the wide-format printing industry of India, the institute will be inaugurated soon after April this year. “We will keep a faculty comprising well-qualified engineers to teach the trainees. Our aim is to make perfect professionals out of the trainees.” He also mentioned, “These days, many operators couldn’t handle new printers turning up every quarter in the market but our institute will help them master any machine operation.”

Sawhney Signage: Shinning for bright future
Looking forward to achieve new goals

Sunny Sawhney 
A budding player in outdoor and indoor signage printing, Sawhney Signage is known for its flamboyant position in the northern signage market of India. Operated under the proprietorship of Sunny Sawhney, the company has a remarkable production facility equipped with Color Jet, Mutoh Valuejet and Roland printers. “With our clients spreading all over the northern Indian region, we are proud of being one of the Indian companies supplying products to international clients,” said Sunny talking about the company’s overall services to its clients.

Establishment: Established in the year 2003, Sawhney Signage started its printing business with the installation of only one machine at its facility. Gradual growth in the company’s business began after the replacement of its seven ft machine by a new ten ft and adoption of new activities like signage stands and fabrication works. “Later on, new mileage in our business added up when we could be able to catch clients from overseas countries,” mentioned Sunny.

Work profile: Sawhney Signage is popular for not only its printing works but also for other activities that include fabrication, display and manufacturing of promotion stands. The company’s signage products are exported even to the Chinese market. “We are now looking forward to increase our job profile in order to capture more customers in and outside India,” said Sunny while mentioning the plan the company is keeping in pipeline. Without any effect from the current economic slowdown, Sawhney Signage is now gradually growing to attain a new business goals in the years to come.

Plastic House (India): Small but in strong stride
Embracing business to the fullest

One may not believe that Plastic House (India), a small and congested signage shop in Chuna Mandi, is one of the big names in the north Indian signage industry for its distribution of signage materials. Dealing with acrylic plastic sheet, sunpack sheet, sunboard, bubble guard board, vinyl, HIP, PVC sheet, the company plays major role in supplying all these materials to its clients located in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi.

Establishment: Way back in 1982 Plastic House (India) emerged as a pioneer dealing with acrylic sheets in the north Indian signage market. Since its flamboyant establishment, the company has been growing with the expansion of product line and extension of clients all over the northern region. Mentioning what has been witnessed in the acrylic product range over the period of time, Sunil Wadhawan, owner, Plastic House (India) said, “Acrylic product range has been improved a lot with the introduction of sunpack sheet, sunboard, vinyl and PVC sheets. I’d like to say these products bring a new revolution to the activity of printing on acrylic sheets.”

Client group: Clients at Plastic House are of all types from different spheres of the industry. Apart from signage makers and direct consumers, the company is a supply source for some acrylic sheet vendors located in other parts of the northern Indian states. “Even though my clients include those from far off regions of the country, most regular ones are from the surrounding four states, viz. Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Recession free: As long as the core business of Plastic House is concerned, it specifically revolves only at the level away from the slowdown effect. “We survive at local circle where nothing major is connected with the corporate world. That’s the reason why our business remains the same while multinational companies are suffering from economic downturn,” reasoned Sunil.

Tirupati Graphics: Best among best wood carvers
Aiming to hit new wood carving segment

Equipped with HP Designjet 5500 printer producing most impressive images, prime activities at Tirupati Graphics are vinyl and CNC router cuttings. Established way back in 2000, the company first engaged to vinyl cutting only. Mentioning the different phases of development in the company, Mukesh Sharma, proprietor, mentioned, “In the year 2003, we installed router machine to increase our business to a new extend. And in the same time, digital printing became part of our activity in the facility.”

Retail clientele: India’s promising retail segment is where Tirupati Graphics finds its most prominent clients. Nike, Levi’s, Dockers, etc form the list of them the company roped in so far in the retail sector. Briefing about other areas that can be the company’s next target clients, Mukesh said, “We understand that liquor segment is quite a good area where many signage companies get on. But nothing is finalised yet about us our next plan to move into any new sector.”

Target woodcraft: Regarding what is in the pipeline of Tirupati Graphics for its future expansion plan, Mukesh mentioned about the company aiming to start new business in the woodcarving segment. “In a overall observation, it is seen that the wood industry in India is expanding with high demand in the market,” he said adding, “We’re now seriously planning to grab clients in wood carving works including those in hotel industry, interior deco, etc.” Offering the most standard outputs in the market, Tirupati Graphics’ router cutting works include 3D carving, acoustic panels, grille wall, wave panels and complete solutions for architects.

Downturn consequence: Over the last few months, the impact of economic recession has been affecting the business of Tirupati Graphics. In this regard, Mukesh stated that this is the first and biggest downturn in the business of his company since its establishment eight years back. “We’re trying hard to prevent ourselves from this unfortunate economic phenomena by implementing some measures like cost-cutting. As soon as the market returns to normal, we’re ready to hit our new goals”, remarked Mukesh.

Prince Advertising: Future king of signage
Planning to grab bigger footfalls

First journey of Prince Advertising into the world of signage industry began in 1990 in a very small and unnoticed manner in the market. Recollecting those efforts to reach this stage where the company is standing on today, Mohamed Zafar, managing director, Prince Advertising mentioned, “In the beginning stage, I began my business making acrylic boxes, which are particularly used as cover of emergency lights.” He added that the company installed only one cutting and grinding machine in 8×10 ft set-up to operate their business. Then it was the arrival of vinyl in the market that brought a new expansion to the company, according to Zafar.

First plotter: In the year 1999, Prince Advertising rose to a new height in business with the installation of a plotter machine. “We started our cutting work at Rs 30 per sq ft, which was really demanding in the Delhi market because there were few plotter machines in the area,” said Zafar adding, “By that time we offered our customers labour-charge cutting in which they brought vinyl and we charged only for cutting work.”

Printing commencement: Following the year of success in plotter cutting business, Prince Advertising landed on the domain of digital printing with the arrival of a Roland machine at its facility. And the printing infrastructure was updated soon after the addition of a DGI solvent printer. Maintaining the continuity of adopting new machines in its facility, Prince Advertising installed a Yaselan printer and a router machine in 2005.

Client list: Advertising agencies are in the top of the list of prominent clients Prince Advertising has been serving so far. However, there are some others in the list who are in direct links with the company. For example, Prince Advertising works directly with Air India for the signage work. And it is not the end of naming big clients, as Reliance Fresh is one of the biggest ones whose letter cuttings are done at Prince Advertising, which is still on the fast forward mode to grab more big clients in near future.

Satyam Plastics: Storehouse of perfect materials
Walking along the newest trend

Rajiv Kalra and Tarun Dhingra 
While counting the foremost distributors of premium signage brands in the north Indian signage market, one can never ignore Satyam Plastics of Chuna Mandi. Initiated as a small-scale dealer of acrylic plastic sheets in the year 1987, now the company becomes a storehouse for signage materials including flex, banner, solvent inks, self-adhesive vinyl, polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets, inkjet media, XAAR heads, etc. “Our product line is not confined stagnant in a particular catalogue. It keeps changing as we update and offer products such as sunboard, sunpack,, eco-solvent media, speciality media, high-end vinyl, PE instead of flex and whatever as soon as they are launched in the market on all India basis,” said Rajiv Kalra, director, Satyam Plastics. Other notable products in the portfolio include GE excel polycarbonate sheet, aluminium composite panel, mesh banner, block out, floor and fleet graphics, over lamination film and many more.

Trend bringer: There is a fact that Satyam Plastics does observe the overall trends of new products in the international market to make a parallel update in the Indian market too. Commenting on their effort in this update process, Tarun Dhingra another director of Satyam Plastics said, “We keep attending international sign shows organised in many parts of Europe, Asia and America to check what’s new in the industry. And we update our product portfolio according to global market trend.”

Witnessing the new trends over the last five years, Rajiv mentioned that flex media is one of the foremost products that brings a new facelift to the industry. Now that the trend for UV machines in the Indian market has been looming large and it will play an ultimate role in quality production like POP and interior segment. So, Satyam Plastics is eyeing to add new product line for the technology. “I hope UV technology will grow soon in India because many people in the country have full consciousness about quality outputs. For instance, though demand for cheap media is high in the market, it doesn’t mean high-end brands like ‘Star’ in flex segment, ‘Oracle’ and ‘Mactac’ in SAV and speciality media segment are lying unattended,” reasoned Rajiv.

New prospects: The north Indian signage market is now in a mode to gain a new momentum of growth as the forthcoming Commonwealth Game 2010 to be held in New Delhi will generate a good prospect, according to Tarun. “And eco-friendly materials are the next level products in India,” he said adding “In the USA using of PVC flex material is now banned and a new lightweight and recyclable PE and PP substrates called flexilite, a tarpaulin-like eco-friendly recyclable material is widely popular. A company is sending me the sample of this new eco-friendly media, which will definitely hit our market in near future.”

Talking about the current recession, Rajiv and Tarun both ascertain that Satyam Plastics slightly sharing the global economic pain. However, the company does not feel it in a way that other big players in the block do. “Our business sticks around in domestic network where we more or less survive depending on our existing clients,” asserted Tarun of Satyam Plastics

Balaji Sign & Graphics: For every signage material
Switching over to banner business expansion

In Pahar Ganj area the official presence of Balaji Sign & Graphics is Balaji Plastics, which is an authorised re-seller of the company’s products. Since the company has been associated with Avery for a long time, Balaji Plastics extensively deals with Avery Dennison materials that include monomeric and cast films. “The range of Avery Dennison materials in the Balaji Plastics includes frontlit banners, backlits, floor graphic films… a complete range of media,” according to Sushma Sharma from Balaji Sign & Graphics.

Future expansion: In terms of revamping the existing product line, the company is planning to increase the volume focusing on banner business as well as backlit. Even though the company being the highest seller of signage materials in the northern Indian market, the target of Balaji Sign & Graphics is to further grow its volume of sale. In this respect, Sushma said, “We’ve been serving more than 200 screen, solvent and eco-solvent printers all over north India and we wish to capture more in the region.”

Promising products: Monomeric and polymeric films, calender films, speciality films, one-way vision, split graphic, etc are what Balaji Sign & Graphics dealing about with deep focus on the further expansion of banner business. “Of these products in our existing line, volumes sold in the monomeric and polymeric are very high. And the banner business is expected to get on successful stage this year. So, we are targeting to make a new attempt to regulate our banner business soon,” said Sushma. She further added that the company’s focus this year would be on economical colour monomeric films, which Avery is launching.

New plans: As per the current pulse of the northern Indian signage market, Sushma feels that industry people in this segment are now aiming to hit big business. However, the economic slowdown is the only stumbling block which has slightly decelerated the pace of current business. “In order to get our target we must be positive about any financial hassle in the market. I’m sure that this recession wouldn’t last more than three-four months in our business,” she opined.

Central Art Service: Value of quality printing
Brings together the best machines under one roof

A visit to the facility of Central Art Service located in Multani Dhanda will encapsulate the reason why this company has been popular for. Value of quality printing being its unique attribute, the company has updated its infrastructure over the last couple of years. Commenting on recent up-gradation of new line of machines, S K Sehgal, proprietor, Central Art Service said, “In the last two years, in order to maintain best quality outputs, we have updated our machines to a large extend. With the change of entire XAAR printheads to Spectra printheads, we added two Mutoh machines and a Roland FJ 540 printer, to mention a few new arrivals in our facility.”

Prominent clientele: Working primarily under tenders from government departments, some of the prominent clients of Central Art Services include Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd) in top list. “Apart from these big clientele in the public sector, we also have many signage suppliers who work largely in the domestic market. But we don’t do any direct work for end-users,” said Sehgal.

UV plan: Though the company has been engaging largely to eco-solvent technology, UV is still a distant vision for in the Central Art Service. Mentioning what is in store for UV technology in its facility as well as in the Indian signage segment, Sehgal mentioned that the cost factor is the most important concern every printer must pay attention. “Even Spectra head machines are just in the growing stage in the Indian signage market, UV may take a little time to come up in full swing in our industry,” Shegal reasoned.

Machine portfolio: There is the fact that the high-end machine portfolio in Central Art Service is main prodigy behind its quality production. Arrival of new machines in the company’s facility is routine phenomenon that takes place from time to time. As of now there are five machines in the facility equipped with Mutoh, Roland and Yaselan printers giving unmatched satisfactory outputs to its clientele.

Nanaki Printing Technology: New business searcher
To open new branch in Gurgaon

Persuaded by the Indian signage market recorded a growth rate of more than 300 percent way back around six years from today, Nanaki Printing Technology (Nanaki Arts) marked its presence in Pahar Ganj area for the first time with the installation of a used machine. And today the company is in its new avatar engaging to all activities including digital and solvent printings as well as signage fabrication with the installation of high-end Mimaki machine. Manpreet Singh, proprietor, Nanaki Printing Technology said the company is still in developing stage with a vision to expand its branches in other parts of the region.

Unique customers: Being situated in most strategic location in Paharganj area, Nanaki Printing Technology is an ultimate destination for many foreign individual customers turning up for some personal projects. Talking about this prospect, Manpreet stated, “On daily basis many foreign nationals who regularly visit India and stay in Paharganj hotels come to us for signage printings ranging from small to large ones. I’d like to say that they are part of our prospective clients.” However, others in the list are the country’s most prominent advertising agencies.

Gurgaon branch: Apart from image makeover, Nanaki Printing Technology’s plan to open a new office in Gurgaon (Haryana) is a strategic move to increase the company’s business mileage. Explaining the reason behind the new plan, Manpreet stated, “We will run only deskwork in the new Gurgaon office whereas the production facility in our Paharganj unit will remain as it is. With this new office we hope that we’d expand our contact with new clients in a better way.”

Slowdown affect: Nanaki Printing Technology is one of those affected by the current economic downturn. The company’s smooth-run business over the last five years stumbled upon a sudden decline of 30-40 percent growth in January 2009. Talking about strategies to cope with the current slowdown trauma, Manpreet opined, “It happens in all spheres of business; we must face it and manage to survive in this situation.”

Flatbed plan: UV is one of the big dreams of Nanaki Printing Technology whose future is still open wide for a new flatbed printing facility. Talking at length, Manpreet mentioned that UV printing is in the pipeline and may be considered soon to convert into practice. “I’ve examined the prospect and potential of this new technology amongst my clients. Hopefully in near future we can generate a good prospect of the technology,” remarked Manpreet.

Colors India: A unique warehouse for all inks
Supplies best of ink choices

Jasvinder Bedi & Balvinder Bedi 
Dealing with a wide array of large-format printer inks ranging from solvent based ink, eco-solvent based ink, water-based ink and special ink for Seiko & Konica printheads, Colors India is one of the foremost companies known for its quality products imported from reputed Korean and Chinese companies. “Since our establishment in 2004, we have aimed to serve our customers with best products offered at reasonable prices,” says Balvinder Bedi, proprietor, Colors India.

“Our products have stable quality, vivid colour, wide colour gamut, high climate resistance and can be used on printers like Vutek, Scitex, Nur, Yaselan, Sky Jet, DGI, Myjet, Witcolor, Infinity, Gongzheng and others. And our solvent inks are Cyclohexanone free—environment friendly solvent adopted to assure air fresh in workshop,” explains Balvinder. Colors India has been a sole provider of solvent inks under the brand name ‘Euro-Digital’ ink.

Ink range: Existing list of water-based inks at Colors India include quality-controlled cartridges (dye based and pigment based) for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, etc. “We have received appreciations from our customers for these products. Now, we’re planning to add refilled ink cartridges for HP5000/5500 printers and dye sublimation inks in our portfolio,” asserts Balvinder.

In eco-solvent domain, Colors India’s ink list exclusively contains cartridges for Roland Soljet and Mimaki JV3/JV33/JV5 series printers. “Unlike other solvent inks, these inks are 100 percent mixable with original eco-solvent max inks. Our customers don’t need to flush the ink system or change colour profiles as these inks can be used without any run-up operation or tedious cleaning,” mentions Jasvinder Bedi of Colors India.

Beyond inks: Colors India does not bind its product portfolio just within inks but also extends to printer-related accessories. The company is an authentic importer of chips and ink bags for Seiko 64s/100s and HP9000 printers from reputed European companies.

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