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Multijet III: Ees Dee’s innovative piece

All time market leader of the signage industry Ess Dee Nutek Infinities Pvt Ltd has always been a big name for its most innovative, productive and cost effective equipment. It keeps the spirit of the company alive to drive the market not only with its innovative technology but also with the dedicated research and development.

Like the hierarchical progress of Wright Brothers who first invented aeroplane and later introduced the sophisticated aircrafts that subsequently transformed into super jet planes, Ess Dee Nutek Infinities has sequentially adapted to provide the industry with more sophisticated and technologically advanced products starting from Nutek Liyu–Prime progressing to Multijet I. Multijet series was transformed into Multijet II series a year ago and it is Multijet III today.

In addition to all these existing features of Multijet-III, the printer has recently been equipped with smooth and blazing carriage movement, which is already an indispensable feature of these printers with the introduction of the latest ‘Bullet Carriage Movement’. This technology ensures reduced friction levels and noise thus controls wear and tear. Latest version of Panasonic high RPM motors has been incorporated to ensure stability at high production speeds.

Improved version of ‘software lyric print’ has been introduced for excellent colour replication of images and colours along with ‘White Skip’ technology. With all these power packed features Nutek Multijet III happens to be an obvious choice for all the sign makers and printers.

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