Meteor collaborates with CoreTechnologie on additive manufacturing solution

Meteor Inkjet Ltd, leading supplier of electronics, software, tools and services for industrial inkjet, is announces its tie-up with CoreTechnologie GmbH, a global provider of 3D CAD data conversion software for additive manufacturing. Effective implementation of inkjet technology for binder or materials jetting requires close integration of industrial print system hardware and software with a range of existing additive manufacturing tools including those for the pre-processing of CAD models into a format that inkjet printers can understand.

Meteor and CoreTechnologie (CT) are working together to ensure not only the close integration of their respective software environments but also to enable complementary tools which provide automation for binder and material jetting applications that exploit the precision and multi-material capabilities of inkjet. CT’s 4D_Additive is full suite of 3D CAD model build processing tools offering features such as model repair; geometry analysis and optimisation; support, lattice and texture generation; batch nesting and slicing.

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